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Chiropractic Wellness Center
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Chiropractic Wellness Center helps you stand tall In North Platte, NE

Through adjustments and regular check-ups, you'll feel amazing again.

While I compile a gallery of successful adjustments, visit my office for your first consultation and provide me permission to use your success story to share with others.
Everyone has a backbone, make sure yours is keeping you as tall as you need to be through adjustments and feel relief from headaches and neck pain.
Don't be nervous about having your back cracked, I have treated patients from 2 days to 99 years old. This gallery shows the exam I do on every patient, every visit. First I run a scope down the back that measures heat; then I feel the bones in motion for fixation and statically for swelling, tenderness and heat; all throughout the visit I look for redness, dry skin, oily skin and imbalance. As you will see it is a simple exam and adjustment, there is nothing to be worried or apprehensive about.

Come in for a visit today.